Tanglewood Millionaire’s Club Criteria


Tanglewood Millionaire’s Club Criteria


In 2013, Mrs. Rachel Cook started the Millionaire’s Club to encourage reading and to provide enrichment opportunities for avid readers. Members of the Millionaire’s Club are role models to their peers and must abide by the Tanglewood Tiger Pledge at all times.

Criteria for Millionaire’s Club:

  • Maintain an E or S in student conduct on each six-week report card
  • Maintain an 85% average (or higher) on AR quizzes on their assigned AR reading dot level
  • All quizzes taken must be on books that were read during that AR goal period (the one exception to this rule is the Texas Bluebonnet Book Challenge)
  • Read the following number of words on their assigned AR dot level:

5th grade – 1,000,000 words

4th grade – 1,000,000 words

3rd grade – 750,000 words

2nd grade – 500,000 words

Once a student has met the above criteria, an invitation packet will be sent home. Students are also invited to purchase a t-shirt to wear on TW spirit days and on selected Millionaire’s Club meeting days (a calendar will be provided in their packet). All Millionaire’s Club meetings are held in the library. Mrs. Cook will begin identifying Millionaires in November and will announce the first group of students on Friday, 11/2/18.

If a student’s conduct grade on their report card drops to an N during the school year, the student’s name will be removed from the name wall and they will not be able to attend meetings until the report card conduct grade is brought up to an E or an S.  

End of Year Awards:


Every student in the Millionaire’s Club receives a medal at the end of the year for their hard work.

Before the last meeting of the year, a word count report is used to determine a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place student in each grade level. The 1st place reader receives a trophy and the 2nd and 3rd place readers receive ribbons. In addition, the top reader in the school is recognized with a trophy. In order to be selected for an award, the student must meet all of the Millionaire’s Club criteria listed above.


A trophy is given to the class that has the most Millionaires on the name wall. If there is a tie between two classes, the class with the highest word count will win the trophy.

The homeroom teacher from each grade level with the most Millionaires will be awarded a Millionaire’s t-shirt.

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