Order and customize your 2018-19 Tanglewood Yearbook now to save 15%


Capture your memories in this year’s Tanglewood Elementary Yearbook.

Parents are able to add photos and memories to your child’s 2 free custom pages.

  • Add photos from your computer, Facebook, and Flickr.
  • Add memories and photos throughout the year. Share them with your classmates to include in their personal pages.
  • Send and received Bling and signatures. A great way to share expressions of friendship!

Order by September 30 to save 15% the regular price. To purchase and customize your child’s yearbook:

  1. Visit TreeRing.com.
  2. Enter our school’s passcode: 1013770093784082.

Regular price: $41.16

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! Contact Liana Randel at [email protected].

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