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CPR/First Aid Course & a Note From Jen Riggs

As many of you know,  my husband went into cardiac arrest the night before the first day of school. He is a healthy, fit 36-year-old whose genetics landed him in a life-changing situation. Thankfully, we were in a public place when this happened and two very brave men stepped in to render aid. One of

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Auction Volunteers Wanted

VOLUNTEER TODAY.  INSPIRE FOR A LIFETIME!The Tanglewood Auction and Dinner NEEDS YOU! This will be the largest fundraiser this school year to offer support for BOTH schools – Tanglewood and Overton Park.  If you are interested in joining a committee or learning more, please email Sasha Isbell, slanders7@hotmail.com and Traci Richards, t.richards@tcu.edu.  Thank you for any time you

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