CPR/First Aid Course & a Note From Jen Riggs

As many of you know,  my husband went into cardiac arrest the night before the first day of school. He is a healthy, fit 36-year-old whose genetics landed him in a life-changing situation. Thankfully, we were in a public place when this happened and two very brave men stepped in to render aid. One of them being a fellow Tanglewood Dad 


The paramedics and cardiologists have all said that if it weren’t for the immediate action and CPR given by these men, Kyle would not be here today. CPR SAVED HIS LIFE! And it could save someone you know, too.  

On October 23, we are offering a CPR/First Aid course in the Tanglewood cafeteria from 8:15am-10:15am. A fireman teaches the course and you will earn your CPR certification once completed. 

The class is $25/person. We have limited spots so it will be on a first come first served basis. Please text me (Jen) to register for the course as spots will fill quickly. 

Looking forward to seeing you there! 

Jen Riggs 817-229-2538

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