Tanglewood and Overton Park Transfer Information

Per FWISD policy, transfers are based on space available at the principal’s discretion. It is unknown at this time if either campus will have room for transfers. At Tanglewood, priority will be given to those students who live within walking distance to the school.

The process for requesting a transfer is done through the FWISD PowerSchool registration link. On April 1st, the registration window opens up for all NEW students. A new student is any student who has never attended a FWISD school or walk-in speech program. On July 1st, the registration window opens up for all RETURNING students. A returning student is a student who has previously attended a FWISD school or walk-in speech. A snapcode is needed to register a returning student. The snapcode will be printed at the bottom of the final report card and available online through the parent portal.

If you would like to request a transfer to Tanglewood or Overton Park, you will check the transfer request box and select the name of the campus you wish to transfer to. We will receive a notification and use the date and time stamp on your registration to compile a list of transfer requests. We will contact you via email to confirm that your transfer request was received. It is essential that you continue the online registration process for your home school so that campuses have accurate counts. The earliest we would be able to approve a transfer request would be August 1st. In some cases, transfers may not be considered until after the school year begins. If a transfer is approved, a visit to the home school is required. The principal of the home school must sign a release form for the transfer to go through.

Please contact us should you have further questions.
dana.mckenzie@fwisd.org constance.smith@fwisd.org

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