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This year make sure your teachers know how much you Love them!  Order your school supplies today from LoveMySupplies for next year (2020-2021).  The website is open now and the deadline is July 1st!  You will pay less, while helping your child and your school!  A percentage of every order goes to the PTA to use for things your school needs, and you get the school supplies that your child needs for next year delivered to your school in August.

To order, go to 

This is the only link for both Tanglewood and Overton Park Elementary. You will be asked to specify whether your child/children will attend Tanglewood or Overton Park Elementary when you place your order and your supplies will be available at the schools for pick up accordingly. Please make sure you pick the package for your child/children for next year (2020-2021).  Just place your order, and we do the rest! 

If you have questions, please contact Tiffany Self at or by phone at (817) 926-3209.  

Please note that Due to COVID-19 shortages, there are certain items that are unavailable at this time.  These items are not included in the package, and you will need to procure these for your student in the amount indicated on the listing. Also, due to shortages, there are limited quantities of each package, and we encourage you to order early.  

You will receive a payment confirmation of your order from SchoolPay (the payment system).  If you do not receive a confirmation, please contact LoveMySupplies or SchoolPay for assistance.  

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