Computer Lab

Volunteer in the Computer Lab

Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grades visit the computer lab several times a month. Volunteers are important to making the computer lab experience run smoothly for the children. For information about volunteering, contact Amy Sweek.



Available for all K-5th grade students. Login at

  • School Code: tx7944
  • Username: [Student’s ID/Lunch #]
  • Password: [Student’s ID/Lunch #]

Type to Learn

The Tanglewood PTA has purchased a school-wide license for all Tanglewood students for the keyboarding tutorial Type to Learn. In addition to accessing the program at school during technology rotations and centers, K-5th grade students may access the program from home at

  • Account Code: 2ADUT7
  • Username: [Student’s ID/Lunch #]
  • Password: ttl2016

Please contact assistant principal Dana McKenzie with any login questions/concerns.