Site-Based Decision Making Team

Information on the 2023-2024 Site-Based Decision Making (SBDM) Team will be coming soon.

What is SBDM?

The SBDM is a campus-level team of parents (3), district staff member (1), campus teachers (4), campus administrator (1) and community members (2) who regularly consult with a principal in the planning, operation, supervision and evaluation of the campus educational program. [Education Code 11.253(h)]


The purpose of site-based decision-making in the FWISD is to improve the level of student achievement for all students in all schools. More information can be found on the FWISD website.


Must not be a FWISD employee and must be a parent (or stand in a parental relation) of a currently enrolled student at Tanglewood Elementary School. The position is not part of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA).


The SBDM team meets throughout the year as determined by the principal. The parent members serve two-year terms. Tanglewood campus’ terms are staggered.