Artapalooza will be Monday, May 20. On Thursday, May 23 we welcome you to view the art on Gallery Night.

Ask anyone, Artapalooza is the BEST DAY OF THE YEAR! On this special day parents and artists from the community take over teaching and lead students in a day of artistic exploration. The school is transformed into a mesmerizing display of creativity!

Volunteer Opportunities

Parent Artist

A parent will volunteer to teach an art project to several classes throughout the day. The parent artist will plan their project, including ordering supplies. We encourage team teaching! Applications will be available in March.

Artist Assistant

Artist assistants will help the lead artist carry out their project in the classroom. Some projects require extra hands, especially with the younger children. You may be paired with a Tanglewood Parent Artist or a Community Artist.

Gallery Volunteer

Gallery Volunteers will be present on Artapalooza day and display the art that has been created. The goal is for all art to be displayed by the end of the day and transform the school!

Decorations and Set up Volunteer

Decorations will be prepared in the weeks leading up to Artapalooza. Setup day is TBD.


Help distribute schedules to teachers and staff. Assemble packets with schedules and labels for parent artists.