Principal McKenzie often refers to the library as “the heart of the school.” The new library was completed in 2020, and now includes the LAVA Recording Studio (a place for students to record podcasts, create stop motion animation, and work with a green screen) in addition to all the wonderful books the students have access to. Classes visit the library once per week, and students are able to go to the library at other checkout times as needed to get new books.


Volunteer in the Library
The Tanglewood Library appreciates its volunteers! If you would like to help out at the checkout desk, please email Krista Hubmer for more info.


Millionaire’s Club

All 2nd-5th grade students that meet this year’s criteria are eligible to participate in club activities/meetings and wear this year’s t-shirt on designated days.


  • Maintain an E or S in Citizenship
  • 85% Average on A.R. Quizzes
  • Words Read (on their A.R. level) Meet their Grade Level Requirements
  • Number of Words Read: 2nd Grade (500,000 words), 3rd Grade (750,000 words), 4th Grade (1,000,000 words), 5th Grade (1,000,000 words)

Once a student meets this year’s criteria, a congratulatory letter will be sent to the student and an informational email will be sent to the parents. Instructions for purchasing this year’s t-shirt, monthly activities, meetings, and joining the Remind group will come via that initial email.


Bluebonnet Club
Here is this year’s master list of Bluebonnet books. Students in 3rd-5th grades must read (and pass AR quizzes on) at least five Bluebonnet nominee books to qualify for the Bluebonnet Club.