Homeroom Representatives

Apply to be a Homeroom Representative for 2020-2021

Click here to download the application form

Application forms are due Friday, August 21 at 3:00 p.m. and may be emailed to [email protected] or turned into the PTA box in the front office.

Serving as a Room Rep for your child’s class is a labor of love and one that makes our school the best in Fort Worth! However, it is a large commitment and you should know all about it as you’re deciding whether or not you have time to help. Your child will love seeing you up at the school and your child’s teacher will appreciate you so much!

For more information, please email Haley Naegele at [email protected].

Some of the responsibilities of the homeroom reps include…


  • Attend initial room rep meeting; receive paperwork and detailed information on job requirements.
  • Schedule grade level parent coffees for the following two weeks.


  • Work with homeroom teacher to plan and participate in two classroom parties.
  • Coordinate with teacher for the classroom holiday ornaments and “Deck the Halls” for the holidays.
  • Coordinate year long lists of parent volunteers specific to each grade level, ie. Friday reader; Science lab; POPs.

Fall Fundraiser (WAC)

  • Recruit parent volunteers to help distribute yard signs.


  • Attend Carnival meeting in January. Set-up Homeroom Carnival Booth.
  • Recruit parents from homeroom to work 30-minute shifts at the homeroom booth during the carnival.

Holiday Decorations

  • Coordinate with your teacher to get class ornaments decorated.

Spring Fundraiser (Auction)

  • Help get class art done by the Auction committee.
  • Help coordinate volunteers for Auction set up and tear down.


  • Delegate and organize gifts for teacher appreciation week.
  • Solicit a parent in the classroom to collect donations for a birthday gift, holiday gift, and end of year gift for the teacher, if the class chooses to have a class-wide gift.

Field Day / Splash Day

  • Attend event and help with activities; communicate details to parents if they would like to attend or help as well.

Special Events

  • Help as needed with Storybook Parade; Deck the Halls; Grade level Performances; Library volunteers, Book Fair; Tiger Relations; etc.